-a-li-ne-a-tic AlineaTIC is a tool to aid decision making for CIOs (Chief Information Officers), based on dashboards, which aims to help the implementation of the ISO / IEC 38500 standard. AlineaTIC allows a CIO controlling the daily governance of IT, since it can store and control the information about the IT plans and IT policies, as well as the proposals, requirements and needs that may come from senior management or business units. Additionally, AlineaTIC incorporates functions to monitor off-line a series of indicators and alarms coming from IT management and operation, through import, export and graphical functionalities.

dFogIT (detailed Framework of Governance for Information Technology) is a model for the construction of any IT governance framework based on ISO / IEC 38500. dFogIT not only helps to communicate the main structures of governance and its essential instruments, decisions and alignment processes, but also it should be used to indicate how to link the different layers involved in the IT governance.
dFogIT does not prevent the adoption of any industrial or de facto standard, but extends the ISO / IEC 38500, which is the only ISO standard, so far. In fact, dFogIT allows a slight and gradual adoption, without major disruptions in business enterprise culture, but solving communication problems and the common lack of maturity of IT governance.

More detailed information of dFogIT model is described by an explanatory video hosted on the following link.