Purposes and Objectives

ACSIC is the research group of Architecture and Behaviour of Information Systems and Communications within the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of the Balearic Islands. ACSIC provides an opportunity for research, development and innovation of young researchers. ACSIC operates in areas of key information technologies for society as technologies and the semantic web, the performance of computers and its relation to power consumption, digital health and tourism and technology, among others.

Among ACSIC strategic objectives can include:

  • Conduct research of national and international first class, working with other groups of the UIB and technology partners we already have.
  • Transferring technology and developing to the local industrial sector, especially the tourism and health.
  • Attracting young talent among students of the UIB for innovative work and develop their skills beyond regulated training.
  • Collaborate with government and business to form a productive fabric based on knowledge and constituting mixed partnerships for specific realization of projects of social impact.
  • Collaborate with university education communities in developing countries to improve their current situation.