VIREG: Sixth Management Meeting

A Project of the Lifelong Learning Programme - Action Erasmus multilateral projects

International Conference Center of Transilvania University of Brasov 


Beatriz Gómez, on behalf of the University of the Balearic Islands, attended the Sixth Management Meeting of Virtual Resource Efficiency Gateway (VIREG) Project occurred in the University of Brasov, Brasov, Romania, on 15-16th October. In this meeting, the ViREG consortium organized a workshop with representatives of enterprises related to resource efficiency and university staff, and also presented and discussed about the following important topics:

  • Modules. In a few days a first version will be sended to all partners in order to revise.
  • Enterprises list in order to cooperate with the project, draft design to obtain data.
  • Publication of the "Continue Education postgraduate modules implementation plan".
  • Brief guide about ViREG Virtual Platform workshop: presentation of the platform, inscription and resolve the modules.
  • Organization of the teaching tuning courses: three representatives from each of the participant countries will work together for a week to agree on the teaching methods, assessment procedures and delivery methods so that a consistent quality is achieved among participants that deliver courses.
  • Use the draft mentioned above in order to obtain a list of companies related with resource efficiency where students can do practices.
  • Next meeting venues.

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Event date: 15/10/2015

Publication date: 21/10/2015