Carlos Juiz participates in the Seminar Sector Crue-TIC: Management and Governance of IT in Universities

University of Almeria

Carlos Juiz participated in the Seminar Sector Crue-TIC: Management and Governance of IT in Universities held at the University of Almería on May 24th and 25th. During the conference, Juiz gave a lecture on "IT Projects Portfolio" and also has been part of the roundtable event "Prioritize IT projects" with Antonio Fernández, Rafael Muñoz, Carmen García and Fernando Tricas.

The Sectoral Committee on Information Technologies and Communications of the Crue Spanish Universities (new brand of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities) was created at the end of 2003 with the birth of a working group within the CRUE worried and sensitized about the role that these technologies were already playing in our institutions. Since then, an intense and fruitful journey has been taking place, which in 2007 led to the formal creation of the sectoral committees by agreement of the General Assembly of the CRUE.


  • Advise and propose to Crue Spanish Universities as many topics as may be considered appropriate in the field of information and communication technologies to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of Spanish universities.

  • Study the needs and applications of these technologies in management, teaching and research, proposing joint actions and projects.

  • Promote and lead cooperation among universities.

Working groups

The ICT Sectoral Commission is made up of Working Groups, which are the instrument that allows the ICT Sectoral Commission to achieve the objectives set and fulfill our mission. The Plenary of the Assembly, at the proposal of the Executive Committee, may create as many working groups, either temporarily or permanently, as it deems convenient for the performance of its functions.

More information at CRUETIC events and UALNEWS.

Event date: 24/05/2018

Publication date: 28/05/2018