Carlos Juiz, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios and Vladimir Stantchev carry out dissemination activities in Albania under the scope of the ITG4AU project

A Erasmus+ Project belonging to Capacity Building, in the field of Higher Education

University of Tirana, Aleksander Moisiu University of Durrës, European University of Tirana and Polytechnic University of Tirana

On May 13th to 18th, on the occasion of the Initial Assessment on IT Governance in Albanian universities under the ITG4AU project, Carlos Juiz, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios and Vladimir Stantchev carried out dissemination activities to students and professors from the four universities. The objective of these activities is, besides promoting the project, to promote the Governance of Information Technologies in public organizations and to advance in the research on this and other related topics.

Carlos Juiz's lecture titled "Introduction to IT Governance: Strategic Management of Information Systems" showed with two real examples the importance of information technology for the achievement of the business and the need to govern and manage them correctly to not only obtain value but also keep it. Dr. Juiz stressed the importance of transforming information technologies so that they are no longer just commodities but are part of the organization's corporate strategy, aligning theirselves to the business and generating the desired value.

On the other hand, the conference of Ricardo Colomo-Palacios entitled "Research in Technology: Beyond Publishing" was based on the following learning objectives: understanding of research work in the academia, familiarity with research processes for computing, know the insights of scientific publishing in terms of writing style and structure, ability to search and select a suitable editorial and perception of details about peer review.Dr. Colomo-Palacios enphasized the quality publications must show through a systematic and careful research and so new conclusions are obtained. He also indicated the scientific processes to be followed in order to obtain new and significant results and how the acceptance criteria have changed since 2000 up to now.

Attendees were mainly master and doctorate students from the University of Tirana, Aleksander Moisiu University of Durrës, European University of Tirana and Polytechnic University of Tirana.

This project is aimed to gather a set of researchers from four universities with a wide experience in developing and deploying ITG framework models from 3 different countries (Spain, Germany and Norway) to develop, adapt and test a new ITG framework to be implemented in HEIs in Albania. Expected results of this project include a better governance model for IT in Albanian HEIs as well as an overall modernization of the governance processes for HEIs and a contribution of the cooperation between EU and Albania.

Event date: 13/05/2019

Publication date: 20/05/2019