Belén Bermejo and Carlos Juiz win the I UIB Scientific Dissemination Contest

The work «¿Somos e-pócritas? (Del cambio climático)» (Are we e-pocrites? On climate change) warns about the need to address pollution caused by the use of information and communication technologies

The First Scientific Dissemination Contest of the University of the Balearic Islands already has winners. The article «¿Somos e-pócritas? (Del cambio climático)» (Are we e-pocrites? On climate change), presented by Dr. Carlos Juiz and Mrs. Belén Bermejo, has been chosen by the jury of this contest among the 24 works that were eligible for the prize of 1,000 euros.

The name of the winners has been announced during the award ceremony, which took place on Tuesday, February 25th at the Ca ses Llúcies Innovation Center, on the university campus. The Rector of the UIB, Dr. Llorenç Huguet, the vice-rector of Innovation and Institutional Relations, Dr. Jordi Llabrés, and the director of IB3 Television, Juan Carlos Martorell, intervened. The president of the Social Council of the UIB, Mr. Bartomeu Llinàs; the vice-rector for Research and Internationalization, Dr. Enrique García Riaza; and the vice-rector for Cultural Projection, Open University and Headquarters, Dr. Joana M. Seguí, also attended the award ceremony.

The winner article

The work raises the problem of CO2 emissions caused by information and communications technologies. The authors highlight the need to meet the challenge posed by pollution caused by the use of electronic devices and the infrastructures that support them, among which are the servers.

The jury has assessed the originality of the proposal, the language used and the research work that underpins the winning text. In addition, it has also highlighted the high quality of the works presented in this first edition, which respond very well to the objective of promoting society's access to research done at the University of the Balearic Islands.

The authors

The authors of the award-winning article are Dr. Carlos Juiz, Professor of Computer Architecture and Technology and principal investigator of the research group in Architecture and Behavior of Computer Systems and Communications (ACSIC), and Mrs. Belén Bermejo, associate professor of the Department of Mathematical and Computer Science and researcher of the ACSIC group.

More information in the Journal of the UIB (Catalan).

Event date: 25/02/2020

Publication date: 26/02/2020