Carlos Juiz, vice-president of Turistec for EUREKATOURISM+, takes the tourism umbrella to the NPC3 Meeting of the EUREKA network

CDTI headquarters

The Vice President of Turistec for EUREKATOURISM+, Carlos Juiz, presented the recent activity and the next objectives of the Umbrella of Tourism that presides the Turistec cluster, in the recent NPC3 Meeting organized by the Spanish presidency of EUREKA, that this year falls in the CDTI (Center for the Industrial Technological Development).

The meeting with NPCs (national contact points of all Eureka member countries) was held in Madrid on 27 and 28 June, including bilateral meetings such as those held by Juiz with representatives of the Netherlands, Finland and Slovakia. All of them confirmed the interest to open or maintain lines of collaboration and support in terms of the general objectives of EUREKATOURISM+. This umbrella of Eureka, the intergovernmental initiative to support cooperative R&D&I in Europe, is chaired and managed until 2018 by the International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism (Turistec). Turistec thus leads a common project for Spain, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Portugal and Turkey, whose main purpose is to promote Europe as a sustainable, responsible and accessible tourist destination.

As Carlos Juiz pointed out in his speech, "EUREKATOURISM+ can promote industrial integrated device (RTD) technology for tourism, European interoperability of travel and mobility". In this sense, Turistec's push to the Eureka Umbrella goes through "increasing the competitiveness of the tourism industry through the generation of research projects, technological development and innovation, aimed at sustainable development and improvement of tourism as well as leisure and cultural sectors".

More information at Turistec.

Event date: 27/06/2017

Publication date: Mon Jul 03 09:51:00 CEST 2017