Carlos Juiz imparts his academic talk in the master in Information Systems of the Equinoctial Technological University

Campus Occidental: Avenida Mariscal Sucre y Mariana de Jesús


On July 8th, Carlos Juiz gave an academic lecture, through videoconference, to students of the Master in Information Systems, mention Information Security Management, Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Industries of the Equinoctial Technological University (UTE) of Ecuador.

The talk was presented in coordination with Engineer Vicente Merchán who teaches the first module, IT Governance. In his presentation, Carlos Juiz explained the need for an IT governance framework as well as its objectives and its implementation in academic organizations. In addition, it showed what are the factors to consider when building an IT governance framework including ISO/IEC 38500.

The Master in Information Systems, Information Security Management, aims to train professionals with competencies to evaluate, assure and manage critical information in public or private institutions, and ensure the operation and continuity of the business.

There is now a great demand for professionals with a high level of commitment and training in the field of information security, to deal with the continuous and innovative techniques and methodologies of attack, used by cybercriminals.

More information at the program of the master (Spanish).

Event date: 08/07/2017

Publication date: Mon Jul 10 11:45:00 CEST 2017