Carlos Juiz participates in the roundtable "IT Governance at the Ecuadorian University" under the II CIO UNIVERSITY Forum

INOCAR, Guayaquil

Av. 25 de Julio Vía Puerto Marítimo, Base Naval Sur


The National Network of Research and Education of Ecuador (CEDIA) and the Central University of Ecuador have organized the II Forum of Directors of Information Technologies of the Universities of Ecuador (II CIO UNIVERSITY) at the Oceanographic Institute of the Navy.

Carlos Juiz has participated as a speaker of the Round-table "IT Governance at the Ecuadorian University" conducting a videoconference from Spain. In his presentation he explained what is the need for an IT governance framework as well as its objectives and its implementation in academic organizations, has shown what are the factors to consider when constructing an IT Governance framework including ISO/IEC 38500 and has presented the framework dFogIT (detailed Framework of governance for IT) along with the indicators of management and government.

In the Round-table of the II Alfonso León (), Tania Gualli (), Susana Cadena (), Xavier Palacios () y Faraón Llorente have also participated, moderated by the Eng. Robert Enriquez.

The is born based on CEDIA's interest in promoting the development of scientific research, academia and the use of ICT.

More information at CAMPUS, CEDIA's digital magazine.

Event date: 22/06/2017

Publication date: Fri Jun 23 11:39:00 CEST 2017