Carlos Juiz, Vice President of TURISTEC, highlighted during the UAL's summer program the importance of innovations so that the tourism sector is not completely obsolete

Carlos Juiz has emphasized the importance of technological clusters in tourism, accentuating that these groups of companies dynamize the innovation in the sector through IT.

AC Marriot Hotel


The summer course of the University of Almeria 'Tourism and Technology', was held at the Hotel AC Marriot from Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 July, led by the Marketing Professor of the UAL and secretary of the Spanish Association of Scientific Experts In Tourism, José Luis Ruiz Real.

In this second day the lectures were given by Miguel Pérez Valls, professor of the Business Organization Area of the University of Almería titled "The Canvas method applied to innovative tourism projects"; And "Technological Clusters in Tourism" by the professor of the University of the Balearic Islands and executive vice president of TURISTEC, Carlos Juiz who has stressed that information technologies have arrived to stay "are the ones that are pulling this market and destinations like Almeria can not avoid this type of connection between tourism and technology. It can not be that we are working tourism like 20 years ago."

Jiz believes that sun and beach tourism, which attracts 75 million tourists each year in Spain, generates benefits and revenues so high that "for many companies it is difficult to enter into the disruptive innovation that means working with information technologies. Even the clusters are trying to stimulate this type of innovation in companies, especially in very large companies, which have endured very well the economic crisis we have been through, in fact, the two sectors that have better withstood the crisis are tourism and information technology".

The director of the course, José Luis Ruiz Real, has emphasized that it is necessary to incorporate technology and a more professional training to tourism management "that is the main objective to sensitize and train professionals and future professionals in the incorporation of IT in the Tourism management, because although there are companies that are technological since birth there are many others who are not aware of the importance of getting on the innovation cart.

The vice-president of TURISTEC has indicated that it is necessary to bet on the glo-local clusters "they would affect globally but from a local technology close to the destination and the tourism company, which is the one that is enduring costs, taxes and expenses environmental reasons because if Almería, for example, is a safe tourist destination that consumes resources of the territory and someone will have to cohesive that, and information technologies is an easy way, at least from the technological point of view, to connect tourism with the destination", concluded Carlos Juiz.

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Event date: 20/07/2017

Publication date: Mon Jul 24 10:15:00 CEST 2017