Belén Bermejo attends the International Conference ASMTA at the University of Newcastle

University of Newcastle upon Tyne

On 10-12th July the University of Newcastle upon Tyne hosted the International Conference ASMTA (Analytical & Stochastic Modelling Techniques & Applications). Belén Bermejo has attended this conference as a guest since she is doing a pre-doctoral stay at the University.

The presented works are related to the modelling and analysis of stochastic systems. This topic is of vital importance when studying the performance of computer systems in general. Practical applications of modelling and analysis techniques have also been exposed to Bid Data processing systems.

Also professors Dr. Samuel Kounev (University of Wurzburg) and Dr. William Knottenbelt (Imperial College London) have been invited as a keynote speakers. Both have demonstrated the importance of performance engineering today to ensure a good use of current computer systems and know how to tackle current challenges, such as reducing energy consumption and improving the quality of service.

Event date: 10/07/2017

Publication date: Fri Jul 14 09:10:00 CEST 2017